Change Goes Another Round Against Experience

  • Old people like "experience" and Hillary Clinton. Young people like "change" and Barack Obama. This is all the demographic information you need to predict who will win Pennsylvania. [New York Times]
  • Obama sits on a mountain of cash while Clinton wanders around with a tiny little bucket of quarters. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The candidates made their last appeals to Pennsylvanians yesterday, and Clinton appeared on the teevee as well. [Washington Post]
  • Any change, for better or for worse, in the global political or economic picture results in the price of gas rising. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Indiana Senator Evan Bayh wants Hillary Clinton to win the nomination so that he can be her Vice President. [The Hill]
  • John McCain has his own Tony Rezko: Donald Diamond, a real estate developer friend who makes him look bad. [New York Times]

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