Charge: State Senator Outsources Essay Assignments

colburn.jpgMaryland state senator Richard Colburn "sits on a committee that oversees education issues" and enjoys fiercely perusing red leather chairs. He was also trying to earn a bachelor's degree at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. But he's embroiled in controversy these days, as a former legislative aide of his, Gregory Dukes, says he wrote five college papers for Colburn last year. Colburn's side of the story? He says "he wrote the papers longhand and gave them to Dukes to type, as he does not know how to type or use computers."

How does Duke respond to this claim? By providing "copies of draft papers, notes, e-mails and faxes to the university and later to The Sun to support his allegations." Or as Colburn optimistically put it, "It's his word versus my word." To further bolster his case, Colburn promptly dropped out of school. The Baltimore Sun's got a piece on this story that's worth reading in full, unless you're too busy. In that case, just pass this link on to your flunky...

State Senator Withdraws From University [Baltimore Sun]


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