Charles Krauthammer Denounces Sarah Palin, Is Totally Not Sexist


Charles Krauthammer lives in a cave beneath the Fox studios in Washington and survives on a slurry of Kool-Aid and oatmeal. From time to time during the day, a machine brings him to the surface where he can pontificate on news that has been told to him over a loudspeaker in his cave. On one such occasion yesterday, Krauthammercame out strongly against Sarah Palin for endorsing the masturbator-foe Christine O'Donnell of Delaware. But Krauthammer is totally not sexist, you guys, he swears. You weren't accusing him of being sexist? Fine. But he is totally not. Stop laughing, Juan Williams!

[youtube expand=1]

Capricious. Caprih, capricious. Capri-Sun. Krauthammer wants you to start giving him a slurry made with Capri-Sun, Fox News. Otherwise he won't support your Teabag candidates. HE IS NOT SEXIST, HE JUST WANTS A CAPRI-SUN SLURRY. [Politics Daily]


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