Charlie Crist Delights In Madrid And Its Minibars


  • Instead of fixing Florida's terrible economy, Charlie Crist spent a quarter of a million dollars in sunny Madrid, including $1,300 on a minibar tab, presumably immediately preceding sex with his fiance, a known woman. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Mark Begich, who is from Alaska and is neither Trig nor Ted Stevens so why would you know who this is?, doesn't want to send Stevens, whom he beat in last month's Senate race, to jail. [TPMMuckraker]
  • President Bush is thinkin all profound-like. "I'm just a simple President," he tells Cynthia McFadden. [ABC News]
  • The mystery of "Senate Candidate #5" is like that of "Client-9" but with fewer whore diamonds (because of the recession.) [Marc Ambinder]
  • Fran Drescher, whom you might remember hating on teevee programs like TheNanny, would like Hillary Clinton's old gig as a Senator. [CNN Political Ticker]

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