Charlie Crist Earns Coveted Steroid Nut/Vaccine Denialist Endorsements


The Senate three-way in Florida: Still happening, we guess! Rubio and orange-fleshed moderate Charlie Crist and whatshisname, the other guy, are duking it out for the right to a job that will allow them to get the hell out of Florida eight months out of the year. Charlie has a particularly tough task because he doesn't have a major party machine backing him up with money or appearances from ex-presidents, so he has to get endorsements the old fashioned way: by wheedling them out of his friends. So far he's managed to get some famous dead politician's son and an actual fellow governor, though the governor could only be bothered to do it by Twitter.

OK now it is after the jump and we can stop being coy: Charlie Crist got endorsed by ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, oh my goodness! Oh, wait, you say it's the year 2010 and he's neither a movie celebrity nor a political celebrity but rather a washed-up lame-duck has-been failure? Tell that to the people who put together the preview for The Expendebles where his cameo was framed like it was the second coming of Christ, buddy. Anyway, here's the Twittering in which Schwarzenegger says that sure, Charlie Crist should be a senator or whatever.

There he is, grinning maniacally at his own BlackBerry®'d words! But maybe a thumbs-up from the pot-legalizing gay-marriage-supporting governor of a bankrupt state isn't enough for Florida voters. Why not try to find some charismatic ex-president, or, if he turns out to be dead, his nephew? Hooray, RFK, Jr.! The Kennedy scion will take time out of his busy drunk wife dumping and vaccine-trashing schedule to endorse Crist in person today. [Orlando Sentinel/Twitter machine]


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