Charlie Crist for Senate!

Charlie Crist for Senate!

Well here is yet another reason for Charlie Crist, the conquering hero of the mosquito-infested stucco slumtown crawling with felons and homeless real estate agents called "Florida," to run for Senate. Anew poll shows him winning this thing by a mile against a variety of minor state politicians whom nobody, not even Floridians, has ever heard of.

If Crist doesn't enter the race for the seat Mel Martinez will leave vacant next year, Floridians will be completely undecided and will have no choice but to vote for the person with the best name -- which means the race could be blown wide open by a completely unqualified entrant named, say, "Chauncey Dingleberry."

Obviously everybody in the Republican party wants Crist to run for this Senate seat; that's why Jeb Bush, who should have been president by now, opted not to run.

Or we could just give Florida back to Cuba and not have to worry about stupid elections anymore.

Florida Senate poll shows Crist annihilating field [The Hill]

Poll Results -- FL [Strategic Vision]


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