Charlie Crist Raised So Much Money You Guys!

Charlie Crist Raised So Much Money You Guys!

Hey speaking of ourfavorite Florida Republicans, how's the gay moderate wing of the Florida GOP faring against the Cuban wingnut wing, in terms of primary fundraising dollars? Let's examine Charlie Crist's ongoing Senatorial death-battle with Latin heartthrob Marco Rubio and make some conclusions!

The Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate campaign today announced that total contributions to his senatorial campaign amounted to more than $4.3 million as of the quarter ending June 30, 2009.

[...] Governor Crist announced his senatorial campaign on May 12, 2009, 41 days into the second fundraising quarter. In just 50 days, Governor Crist received contributions from Florida and around the nation for an average of $86,000 per day.

Rich old Palm Beach ladies still love their interior decorators, as demonstrated by their healthy contributions to the Crist campaign. Will the Cubanos step up to the plate now?

And the news is going to just this dull unless you send us HOT TIPS about DC heavies shooting ping-pong balls out of their rectums or embezzling from their state treasuries or launching Chinese Moon Wars.


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