Charlie Crist Ruins John McCain's Chances In Florida By Letting People Vote

Charlie Crist Ruins John McCain's Chances In Florida By Letting People Vote

We may mock Florida Governor Charlie Crist (pictured, center) for his weird penchant for dating women, but it is all in good fun: he seems like a very nice fellow and a good sport. Most of the time! Except, say, when it comes to John McCain, whom he now clearly loathes.

Consider: Charlie Crist endorsed John McCain for president so that John McCain could win the Florida Republican primary. Charlie Crist got engaged, out of love, and so that if he became John McCain's VP and McCain died in office President Crist would not be the first bachelor president since James Buchanan. Charlie Crist did all these nice things for John McCain, but now McCain is fucking up everything, so Charlie Crist has put a FORK IN HIM.

He announced an extension of early voting hours in Florida, because high turnout was causing the usual confusions and awful waits and accusations of disenfranchisement. The Republican legislature had restricted them to 8 hours a day on weekdays (so basically, if you have a job you cannot vote) and 8 hours total on weekends (so the weekend lines are so interminably long you give up). Now polls will be open 12 hours a day on weekdays and 12 hours total this coming weekend!

This is good for Democracy, but bad for Republicans. Ben Smith writes, "'[Crist] just blew Florida for John McCain,' one plugged in Florida Republican just told me."

We cannot wait to hear infuriated Republicans' theories about why extended early voting hours are bad. Oh wait here we go! A commenter on the St. Petersburg Times:

The headline should read:

"Crist gives ACORN more time to cheat"

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