Charm City

In San Francisco, there is was a TV station whose evening news slogan is was "News from the best place on earth," a completely accurate phrase insofar it perfectly captures captured the smug self-satisfaction of the city's residents. Only "San Francisco: City of Pricks" could be would have been more apt. Today, the Washington Post reports on the city of Baltimore's attempts to "rebrand" itself and the challenges posed by citizens on the opposite end of SF on the smugness spectrum.

Even before the new catchphrase is unveiled, locals are forming ideas of their own:"Baltimore: Duck!" a shopkeeper said.

"Baltimore: We're Not Gary," an executive security consultant offered.

"Baltimore: Coming Right Along," a man atop a Fells Point barstool said.

We're partial to "Baltimore: Don't Believe Everything You See on 'The Wire,'" "Baltimore: Got Some Real Bargains, Housing-Wise," and "Baltimore: Hand Over Your Wallet." Perhaps best: "Baltimore: We Could Kick San Francisco's Ass."

The City of Self-Deprecation [WP]


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