Chat With the Guy From Jets To Brazil @ Bourbon

Chat With the Guy From Jets To Brazil @ Bourbon

Fans of Jets to Brazil, Jawbreaker and Thorns of Life, get ready to soil yourself. The bands' own Blake Schwarzenbach is coming to DC and sitting down with folks for an intimate chat and a night of music at Bourbon.

The event is being put together by The Modernist Society. From what it looks like, the Society is comprised of over-educated DJs who "hate" Vice magazine and love holding screenings and talks, with dance parties attached to them.

If you're wondering how your night is going to pan out, click here. former Wonkette editor Alex Pareene already did the groundwork for you way back in 2007, before he left us for Gawker, and he's on point.

9PM, $4 drink specials.

Bourbon, 2322 18th Street NW [map]


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