Cheating, Serial-Divorcing Pig Upset By Adultery Question


Was there a highlight to tonight's GOP debate? No. There is a GOP debate every four or five hours, constantly, forever, and there cannot be a highlight to something that is ongoing and eternal, like CNN Headline News or the Lake of Fire, in Hell. But CNN number-reader John King did manage to really get the amoral jewelry-debt piglet Newt Gingrich in full squeaking rage because, boo hoo, somebody asked Newt about his endless adultery and divorcing and banging other ladies while he's married, etc.

So did the multimillionaire academic-politician-author Newt come clean and apologize to America for being such a disgusting sleazebag who always buys new whores with his $500,000 Tiffany line of credit? Haha, of course not. Instead, he said this:

"I am tired of the elite media protecting Barack Obama by attacking Republicans."

The elite! Barack Obama!

Nothing else happened in this stupid debate. [Associated Press]


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