Check James Myart's Back for Cell-Phone Shaped Bruises, Please

cynthia%20mckinney%20shows%20photo%20ID.jpgCynthia McKinney gets carded. Her hairstyle may be different, but her FACE has not CHANGED. Got that, motherfucker?

Here's a quick update on what one of our favorite Members of Congress has been up to lately:

Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Georgia congresswoman whose altercation with a Capitol Hill police officer last month made national headlines, qualified to run for re-election Monday -- and quickly drew a well-known challenger in July's Democratic primary...

Meanwhile, James Myart, a prominent Texas civil rights attorney whom McKinney retained after her altercation with the police officer, issued a statement Monday saying he no longer represented her. He did not explain why she was no longer his client.

As we saw in the case of Jessica Cutler, withdrawals of counsel can be telling. They don't happen that often; so when they do, there's often an interesting reason. Any thoughts on why Myart is no longer representing Rep. McKinney (aside from possibly realizing that his client is totalmente loca)?

Despite this possible setback, McKinney continues to be her normal, ebullient self:

Arriving at the Georgia Capitol Monday on the first day of qualifying for the July 18 primary, the outspoken McKinney was all smiles and exuding confidence, telling reporters that "people love me because I tell the truth."

Yeah -- and because you go around slugging police officers. Without you, dear Cynthia, what on earth would we write about?

McKinney Draws Re-election Foe, Loses Attorney [CNN]


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