Cheese Bombs Apparently Not Going to Kill Us All

Remember how last week we were all being terrorized at our airports by al-Qaeda sympathizers sneaking cheese bombs onto airplanes? Oh, and duct taped ice packs? Turns out that story was complete bullshit. On Saturday morning, CNN admitted that the "terrorist dry runs" they warned about last Wednesday were made up. "Just kidding," said anchor T.J. Holmes. That's right, just fucking kidding. He actually said that.

As any idiot can see, the story itself is still live and uncorrected, but considering that CNN's correction policy is apparently to wait until the weekend and then shout "PSYCH!" we're not surprised.

Turns out that the TSA lied to them. The cheese was cheese and the ice pack was an ice pack, and somehow none of it was related to terrorism at all!

Told ya so, Part 1: CNN says "just kidding" after terror scare [Attytood]

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