Chelsea Clinton's Happy Ending

A Wonkette operative reports on a, uhm, much-kneaded political figure:

Walked into the Starbucks on Connecticut and R [Sunday] the corner were two people sitting in a one-person chair, and there was some gross neck/shoulder massaging going on. Just as I was about to turn to my wife to point out this disgusting display, I realized it was the former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton. She looked pretty damn good. Regardless, public massage should be grounds for caning.

Anyway, I somehow can't picture Jenna Bush skimming the Sunday Times in Starbucks, sipping a latte while some skinny guy with a faded T-shirt rubs her shoulders. Then again, I try not to picture Jenna Bush at all.

We, of course, disagree entirely. Not only can we, but we enjoy picturing Jenna Bush getting her shoulders (and other sensitive parts) rubbed. We're with on the caning, tho. Hot, delicious caning.

NOTE: As usual, we can neither verify nor trust the reporting of an operative. We just really like the idea of public massages.


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