Cheney Dines at the NY Post

What did Big Dick Cheney and NY Post editor Col Allen talk about when they were lunching on tasty infants in Allen's office last Friday? Probably who Bush is planning to nominate for Pope. (Ashcroft? Perle?) Maybe the potential for a Cheney-Bush ticket in 2008. Possibly the War on Social Security. Definitely not Cheney's take on Kofi Annan. Which is not to say Allen didn't try to ascertain it. He did—three times. But each time, the response was the same: "Cheney wouldn't say." So how do you get to be editor of the New York Post? Mind-reading! "What Cheney didn't say—but could have—is that...reform won't truly begin until the United Nations is swept clean of those who perpetrated the scandal. Just how deeply Kofi Annan was involved is immaterial—it all took place under his watch." In related speculation, Cheney could have also said that Donald Rumsfeld must be canned for his role in the Abu Ghraib scandal.

Cheney's Hint For Annan [NY Post]


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