Cheney Feeling Fine, Kucinich To Impeach In 10 Minutes

He's more machine than man now - WonketteHey everybody, turns out Dick Cheney is in pretty good health after all -- pretty good for a vengeance demon yanked from his native hell dimension, anyway!

This means the Dennis Kucinich impeachment press conference is back on again, at 5 p.m., mere minutes from now! Here are the complete details from Dennis the Menace himself:

The news conference will be: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 5 p.m. on the Cannon Terrace, intersection of Independence and New Jersey Avenue.
We can't go, because we already made other plans! Please, Wonkette Operatives, head over and take a cell-phone picture and give Kucinich a midget high-five.

Media Advisory: Kucinich to move forward with Impeachment News Conference [Kucinich.House.Gov]

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