Cheney Likes Laura in 2008

hilllaura.jpgApparently Dick Cheney, who insists he won't run for president in 2008, doesn't like his own chances against Hillary. But he think Laura Bush can beat her.

First lady Laura Bush would defeat U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton if the two were to face each other in the 2008 presidential contest, Vice President Dick Cheney said on Monday... "It's a great idea," Dick Cheney said. "And I think I know who would win too."

And then he added, "Sure, she hasn't had a job in about three decades, and probably isn't qualified to run a McDonald's. But look who's been in charge for the last five years. I mean, how hard can it be?"

Laura Bush/Hillary Clinton presidential matchup? [Reuters]

[Photo credit: Reuters]


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