Cheney Picnic Sites Discovered In DC, Maryland

No, Geronimo's skull is safely entombed at Yale! - WonketteA human skull and femurs were found in a cauldron by three young student filmmakers who get lost some people in the Maryland woods last week, and a crazy hobo in DC found a skull (wearing a baseball cap) in the woods next to Catholic University. Law enforcement officials quickly warned citizens that Dick Cheney appears to be feeding again.

The Maryland cauldron also contained a plastic skull and some other crap. The DC skull belongs to a skeleton police found nearby, after Crazy McHomeless danced around a 7-11 parking lot Monday night with the skull in a plastic CVS bag. Horrified customers tried to get him to turn over his grisly find to the cops, but he tossed the head in a dumpster and ran off.

Keep children and pets indoors until the feeding is complete!

Skull Leads Authorities to More Remains in NE [Washington Post]

Human Skull, Bones & Cauldron Found In Harford Co. [WJZ]


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