Cheney To China: 'Open Your Underwear, Let Me See What's Inside'

Down with your bedclothes, Up with your nightshirt...  - WonketteHa ha, there is a "lighter side" to Dick Cheney again threatening China for having the nerve to spend a little teeny tiny fraction of its budget on defense: Chinese government officials are offended! Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang described Washington's demands for a complete Excel spreadsheet of every single Chinese defense expense as a hilarious child-molesting type of sex abuse.

"If someone always tears through your clothes and even wants to lift open your underwear, saying 'Let me see what's inside', how would you feel? Would you want to call the police?" Qin told reporters when asked about Cheney's remarks.
To Mr. Qin, we offer our apologies, condolences and the possibly comforting information that yes, we all want to call the police on Cheney -- but he runs the police, too.

China: "Stop Looking in Our Underwear!" [Danger Room]

China labels U.S. peeping tom over defense spending [Washington Post]


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