Cheney to Testify in Forgotten Case About Something-or-Other

Remember the Valerie Plame thing? Scooter Libby, formerly Dick Cheney's right-hand man, is under investigation for being mean to Joe Wilson and his wife or something. Anyway, the defense just called Dick Cheney, because they can.

Cheney will be the first sitting Vice President ever to testify in a criminal case. He's also the first Vice President to travel to Oz in search of a heart, and he shot a deer on his lawn the other day.

Cheney could bolster that argument by testifying about the many other larger issues Libby was responsible for. During cross-examination, Fitzgerald likely will press Cheney to acknowledge that Plame was a key concern for him, and thus would have been important to Libby.

Here's a fun fact: not only is this trial not over yet, but it won't even start until next month. Christ, Nancy Hitlerosi will have impeached us all by then!

Cheney to Be Defense Witness in CIA Case [WP]


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