Cheney Transported Inside Aluminum Casket

'Thanks for not killing me, white people!' - WonketteWe were just enjoying another stupid feature about the enduring yuppie appeal of Airstream trailers -- imagine a trailer with wealthy people inside! -- when Dick Cheney suddenly appeared in the middle of the article and scared the shit out of us, again:

Airstream's appeal seems to have few limits, and indeed a powerful world traveler recently provided proof of its persistent appeal. On a trip to Asia in February, Vice President Dick Cheney traveled in an Airstream -- inside an airplane.

As usual, it gets worse. The airplane in question was a C-17 cargo plane named the "Spirit of Strom Thurmond." Inside the Airstream, according to a reporter who survived the trip, "there were plush leather chairs, blue-gray carpet, wood paneling, recessed lighting and a TV and DVD player." And the Sub-Zero fridge was stuffed with still-squirming human babies!

Airstream: The Concept Travels Well [NYT]


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