Cheney's Former Home No Longer Shrouded In Pixels


Dick Cheney, merchant of Doom, moved into the Naval Observatory eight years ago and made it disappear, magically, from Google Earth. A vague hologram of the mansion lingered aboveground while the actual dwelling burrowed 666 fathoms below the earth's crust, coming at last to rest in a den of snakes. All you could see in aerial photos on Google Earth was a bunch of squares and nothingness in the midst of a normal neighborhood of houses and trees.

But now the Naval Observatory has returned to earthling maps, thanks to the installation of a living human presence (Jill Biden) in the house, huzzah!

Google says this has nothing to do with who's in office, but rather periodic updates to their image database. What sorts of vicious threats and hexes did Cheney heap upon Google spokespeople to make them say such silly things?

Cheney's Veil Lifted on Vice President's Residence [Valleywag]


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