Cheney's Roboheart Rewired For More Warring

my heart sings out for brown peoples' deathAfter being hospitalized yesterday for an irregular heartbeat, Cheney-Bot 3000 returned to work this morning in a chipper mood. Who knows what kind of rascally good fun Cheney might be devising with this new lease on life? I've heard Lebanon is a good country to invade these days.

Cheney-Bot's shiny new power switch was flipped on early this morning, as he reported for a meeting with President Bush at 7:15 a.m. But look on the bright side! There's time yet:

"He'll probably have other episodes," said [Dr. Zayd] Eldadah, who was not involved in Cheney's care. "Atrial fibrillation in and of itself is not threatening. The problem is that it has long term consequences. It increases the risk of stroke." He said Cheney probably would be put on the most potent blood thinner.

And what might this "most potent blood thinner" be called? Oh, nothing controversial. Just Warfarin. They might put Dick Cheney on a drug. Called. Warfarin.

Silly doctors. Don't you know that Cheney-Bot already operates on the 3.1 beta Warfarin operating system, even though it remains uninvented?

Cheney Back at Work After Heart Trouble [Breitbart]


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