Cheney's Victim Still Rots on Observatory Grounds

More updates to the Naval Observatory dead deer shocker!

A tipster grabbed these two cell phone pictures of the poor massacred beast, which is still decomposing on the grounds of the Cheney Compound. Where did it come from? Who killed it? Nobody knows.

New York Daily News gossips Rush and Molloy picked up our [EXCLUSIVE MUST CREDIT WONKETTE] story and called Cheney's office for comment. They received a chilling non-denial denial that our Vice President had shot the animal himself (or possibly strangled it with his bare hands).

The DC cops remind us that you're not supposed to hunt in Washington, because we're not even allowed to have guns.

Update: Another, bigger picture, after the jump! It's still there!

Veep's Home: The Buck Stops Here [NYDN]

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An emailer writes:

Attached is a pic from this morning at 8:30am. I told one of the bike guards that as part of the Bambi generation it was really upsetting for me to see a dead deer on the way to work everyday. He told me that they have called the DC Department of Sanitation for three days and still no one has come to get it. Incompetence or protest on the part of the DC government?


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