Chertoff Promises War On England

'Every one of them redcoats deserves to die!' - WonketteHomeland Security ghoul Michael Chertoff is threatening America with yet another War On something -- a War On Britain!

Remember, our so-called allies are actually a bunch of vile royalist teabags who not so long ago burned down the White House. Known for appeasing the Nazis and coddling communists such as George Orwell and Karl Marx, the British don't even have the same precious freedoms as Americans. In fact, England went to war with America just because the English hate our Declaration of Independence!

Be alert, America! If you smell the stench of fish & chips or rotting teeth, carefully scan your surroundings. Is there a pale lisping socialist hiding from the American sun, slurping a curry and humming Phil Collins' songs? Well go over there and kick him in the cunt, for America.

Chertoff: 'Britons Could Attack Us' [Sky News]


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