Chickenhawks Get Feathers Ruffled Over Iraq Trip

Peter Beinart, the editor of The New Republic, is taking some heat from the right side of the blogosphere for daring to pooh-pooh the morale-boosting visit of some pro-war commentators to Iraq. Quoted by Fox News, Beinart called the visit "pathetic" and declared, "They have no idea what journalism is, and to pretend they are journalists is laughable...You do not achieve victory by not facing reality."

First of all, we agree the whole TNR-getting-to-decide-who's-a-journalist thing is pretty funny. (From the team that brought you Stephen Glass!) Second, going to Iraq is actually the definition of facing reality. Of course, Fox also reports that the team will not be leaving the Green Zone and that they will report "what we are told," so it's kind of "reality lite." But who are we to get in the way of sending more right-wing radio hosts and bloggers to Iraq? Ideally, we'd like to send them all. In uniform, if possible.

Critics Call Radio Hosts' Trip Propaganda Mission []


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