Child With Slightly Painted Foot Infuriates Conservatives


"A J.Crew ad that shows a top designer painting her young son’s toenails neon pink has some parents and doctors seeing red,"reports Fox News. Why are America's physicians and people who have no role in the life of the child in question suddenly concerned with a photograph on a clothing website of a small, smiling human with some paint on his foot? Well, they're not. The "doctors" are Fox News columnist "psychiatrist Dr." Keith Ablow and the "parents" are people on Fox Nation who don't know how to spell. You know, a national controversy! Will this child suddenly think he has a vagina because his mom painted part of his foot this one time? Probably, this expert "doctors" says. And people who don't have vaginas should not think they have vaginas.

(Because they might sit down on the toilet? We're not sure what the problem is here.)

The image appeared in a feature called "Saturday With Jenna," which was emailed to customers last week and highlights a few of J.Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons’ favorite products -- including the hot pink Essie nail polish seen on her son, Beckett. [...]

“This is a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity,” psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow wrote in a Health column about the ad.

Media Research Center’s Erin Brown agreed, calling the ad “blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children.”

Yes, you read that right: This woman just told this Beckett kid he's transgendered. Who needs playground bullies when you have the Media Research Center to taunt children it doesn't like?

“Not only is Beckett likely to change his favorite color as early as tomorrow, Jenna's indulgence (or encouragement) could make life hard for the boy in the future,” Brown wrote in an opinion piece Friday. "J.CREW, known for its tasteful and modest clothing, apparently does not mind exploiting Beckett behind the facade of liberal, transgendered identity politics.”

Oh, is that who's exploiting him here? It's not the adults who are using his appreciation for one part of the visible spectrum over others and occasional paint on his foot to call him names and blame him for the destruction of human civilization? Right, it's probably the clothing company, which only exists to promote an agenda that has never been attributed to them previously in their decades in business.

“Why would I want my son to paint his toenails pink?” ohthatmomma wrote. “Why woukd [sic] I want my son to paint his toenails at all?”

Nobody's telling you to do or think that?

This marks the first and last time a Fox News website commenter went to J. Crew's website. [Fox News]

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On Saturday, Glenn Greenwald saw a story in the New York Times about how the US is mucking around in Russia's power grid in a show of power:

In interviews over the past three months, [current and former US] officials described the previously unreported deployment of American computer code inside Russia's grid and other targets as a classified companion to more publicly discussed action directed at Moscow's disinformation and hacking units around the 2018 midterm elections.

So Glenn Greenwald, being a total Glenn Greenwald, used that moment to defend his president, Donald J. Trump, because OMG it is just crazy that the liberals and the Deep State and the Rachel Maddow think Trump is some kind of puppet of Vladimir Putin, just because he constantly acts like a puppet of Vladimir Putin.

HAW HAW, LIBS OWNED! Isn't Donald Trump always saying nobody's tougher on Russia than he is? Glenn Greenwald agrees that nobody is tougher on Russia than Donald Trump, because Donald Trump says so.

As Aaron Rupar from Vox points out, this tweet from Donald Trump arrived just about eight hours later ...

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