Chilling Cocktober's House of Representatives

We Suck Young Blood (Your Time Is Up) - WonketteEverybody likes to "get in the spirit" of Halloween. Dennis Hastert is wearing his Jabba the Hutt costume, with Scott Palmer as Slave Leia. Ted Kennedy's sporting his popular "Dead Kennedys" getup, and Laura Bush is once again dressed as "Evil soulless zombie monster baby-blood drinker."

Worse yet, today's political press releases and sound bites are loaded with stupid Halloween references:

* Majority whip Roy Blunt offers a twofer today: The Scary House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi's "Liberal Shop of Horrors." There may be additional Halloween bits, but his staff made a very scary Web page with all the HTML visible, so we can't actually read what's in the press release. [Majority Whip]

* Nancy Pelosi "Speaker of the House" mask.[Nathan Tabor]

* Future Medicare program, costs scary.[Money Matters]

* The federal government is on track to run up some scary numbers without significant changes.[Indianapolis Star]

* Maybe we could decorate the poster with some ghoulish portraits of Bush, Cheney and adviser Karl Rove. No, that would be too frightening for children.[Capital Times]

* Halloween: Night Of Evil Politicians Cannot Understand Beyond The Ghastly And Bucketful Of Candies.[American Chronicle]

* Managing vampires and werewolves: Corporate America has its own special Halloween and its own special boogey men.[CNN Money]


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