Could this day get any worse? ...oh, right. - WonketteToday's fun fact: in China, The People's Court has the power to execute public officials. And today it exercised that power, killing former Chinese FDA head Zheng Xiaoyu to death for acting slightly less responsibly than our own FDA.

Zheng, looking understandably sad at right, conveniently confessed to taking bribes to approve untested medicine. The Chinese government killed him anyway to show that they really mean business when it comes to ensuring the safety of Chinese products. This had the inadvertent side-effect of showing that they don't really mean business when it comes to their Supreme Court's "highly publicized effort to show that it carefully reviews all death sentences and that it has restricted the power of local courts to impose that penalty."

China carries out more than 90% of the world's executions (we're number six! we're number six!), though they only kill Cabinet-level officials every couple years.

Now you eat all the Chinese dog food you want while popping prescription Chinese speed and not have to worry about anything.

China executes the former head of its food and drug agency [IHT]


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