Chip Reid Wants To Know Where Ronald Reagan's Medal Is!


CBS' Chip Reid, who loves such things as Dick Cheney, is furious at the White House and Robert Gibbs for essentially giving Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, and then accepting it. Where's Ronald Reagan's Prize? Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and Barack Obama -- all gays.

This is a PARTISAN THING and will split America in half, again, and if it keeps splitting in half, eventually it will reach zero. This is math. Didn't win that prize, did you, Obama?

(It is kind of silly that Obama would win this when he is keeping a significant chunk of Bush's detention policies in order and bombing the dickens out of Afghanistan. But hey, who cares? People are insane. They were insane when they awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Henry Kissinger, the most amoral figure in American foreign policy in the last half-century. Who cares? Some dumb medal not worth the intrinsic value of its metals. Anyway. Congrats, Obama! The Corner is hilarious right now.)



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