Chris Christie Will Fight Some Dumb Lady About Bruce Springsteen, Boss Of You


Just because New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R-Bridgegate) makes Bruce Springsteen sick to his stomach because Christie stands for everything The Boss stands against is no reason why The Boss doesn't want Christie pretending they are total besties. Take that, silly lady who thinks otherwise:

At a town hall on Tuesday, participant Sandy Booket said she heard that Springsteen asked Christie to stop playing his music because the rock icon, who was born in New Jersey, disagrees with the governor's politics. Christie did not take her assertion well.

"No. Never did that. Nah, you're wrong about that," Christie replied. "Bruce has never asked me to do that. I saw Bruce about a week and a half ago. And he had every opportunity to tell me not to. He didn't and he never has told me not to do it. Nah, listen: I know him and you're wrong."

It's so secret that Christie is Springsteen's No. 1 Fan, but it's also no secret that the feeling is not mutual, even though they once shared a hug that one time. In fact, we happen to have Bruce Springsteen right here:

The Boss appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” in a parody song that poked fun at Christie. The segment began with Mr. Fallon, dressed Bruce-like in jeans and sleeveless shirt, playing the familiar opening notes of “Born to Run,” with new words. [...]

“Someday governor I don’t know when/this will all end/but till then you’re killing the working man/who’s stuck in Chris Christie’s Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam!”

Yeah, that definitely sounds like love, doesn't it?

That's okay, governor. You keep on fapping to that one glorious moment in your life when you met Springsteen, and he acted like a grown up by not telling you to your face how much he thinks you suck.

[Video via The Star Ledger]


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