Chris Cillizza Says Trump Always Sues Everybody Except When He Doesn't. Cillizza Paycheck Accomplished!

Chris Cillizza Says Trump Always Sues Everybody Except When He Doesn't. Cillizza Paycheck Accomplished!

You'll be shocked to learn Donald Trump has sued to stop the House January 6 Committee from getting its hands on documents related to how Trump incited the January 6 attack on Congress. It's a bad idiot lawsuit, and it should feel like a bad idiot. The mean Biden White House won't do executive privilege over the documents Congress wants, and the lawsuit whines that Congress's requests "are untethered from any legitimate legislative purpose," as if Congress doesn't have any legitimate interest in preventing future presidents from inciting domestic terrorist attacks against it.

Sure, you bet.

We come not to sift through all the words of the clown lawsuit, though. Other people can do that. We come instead to make fun of Chris Cillizza's "analysis" of the lawsuit, which is basically "Hey, you guys! Ever notice how Donald Trump sues a lot? He sure does a lot of suing! But sometimes he says he's going to sue, but then he doesn't! Wow! This is completely new political analysis. Give me paycheck for news analysis please now."

That's a very mean paraphrase, obviously, but only to a point:

On Monday, former President Donald Trump sued the congressional committee investigating the January 6 riot at the US Capitol in an attempt to keep the committee from getting its hands on roughly 40 documents.

Because of course he did.

PFFFFFFT of course.

There have been very few consistent threads throughout the life of Trump but one of them is this: He sues and sues and sues.

And sues and sues and sues!

He uses litigation as a smokescreen and a way to slow-walk issues in hopes of coming to some sort of settlement that leaves him less exposed or simply to muddle up a problem in the eyes of the public.

What a suer! Ever seen a suer like this? It's crazy!

Cillizza follows with a list of some times Trump has sued. Five times, specifically. But then he explains:

There's more. A LOT more.

Not just those five. There are others. LOTS of others.

But, you get the idea.

Do we, though?

Just to make sure, Cillizza restates his thesis, again:

Trump uses lawsuits -- and even more frequently the threat of litigation -- as a favorite tool in his public relations toolbox.


Or do we?

Say it one more time:

Do something he doesn't like or he thinks makes him look bad? Lawsuit!

OK, definitely gotcha this time.

As Michael Kruse wrote in Politico of Trump's litigiousness back in 2019:

Wait, somebody else has written this same article before? This wasn't an original Cillizza idea?

According to an exhaustive database maintained by USA Today, Trump and his business have been involved in more than 4,000(!) lawsuits over the past three decades

Golly, it's like people have been writing about this for years and this Cillizza piece wasn't even necessary.

There's a reveal in the second half of the piece, of course, and it is that sometimes Trump threatens to sue but doesn't. The fuck you say? Yeah, Chris Cillizza says. Trump does that. And Chris Cillizza understands why Trump does that because Chris Cillizza is the great understander.

The point of all this litigiousness -- and the threat of litigiousness -- isn't, really, to win. It's to distract and delay.

No shit.

It's to show that he is fighting back and taking it to the various people, places and things who have wronged him.

That too? OK.

What he's hoping ...

Jesus, he's not done.

But we are.


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