Chris Cillizza Stars In Another Miserable WaPo Cult Classic Flop


Did you know Chris Cillizza makes videos that provide you with your much-needed Fix, in video form? We didn't know either, until just now, and now we are crying (with joy). What kind of political smack isMr. Cillizza pushing this week? "There will not be an upset in Delaware." How long did it take you to read that sentence? Well there are eight "words" there, and a word usually takes about ten seconds to read, so that's eighty seconds -- plus the period, which is at least another ten seconds -- so that's a total of 1:30. And yet it took Chris Cillizza's movie one minute and thirty-one seconds to explain what you could read with more than one second to spare! And also Dana Milbank forgot to pop out of a cake and call Hillary Clinton a bitch, so what's the point of even watching?

This is the part of the article where we typically "embed" the awful video in question. Except we are not allowed to do this because that is just how lame this so-called "FastFix" -- which isn't even fast -- really is.

So instead we will just zoom in on Chris Cillizza's sexiness:



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