Chris Dodd Got Crabs from John Doe, Still Not Cool

A reader writes:

I hope you are able to track down this tip! In 1997 or 1998, Pop Smear magazine ran an article by a woman who was a regular of the NYC music scene. Her article was about how crabs (pubic lice) used to be a lot more common in the music scene, but no one seems to get them anymore.

She got crabs from John Doe of the band "X" and then passed them on to her boyfriend at the time, who was Chris Dodd's son. He then went home to visit Dad and Dad (Chris Dodd) caught the crabs from the bed that Chris had slept in.


Thanks, Amanda! This story ran Pop Smear number 12, and it's sadly not online. But should some Wonkette reader have a back issue lying around, we'd love to see it.

We are adding Vitamin C's "The Itch" to the DoddPod.

Coming Soon [PopSmear]


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