Chris Janicek Is Telling You He’s Not Going, In A Gross, Sexist Text

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Chris Janicek Is Telling You He’s Not Going, In A Gross, Sexist Text

Chris Janicek is gross, and he's currently the Democratic nominee in the Nebraska Senate race against Ben Sasse. We can do better, even in a race that's rated solid Republican.

Back in June, the Nebraska Democratic Party received copies of disgusting, sexually explicit comments Janicek made about one of his campaign staffers in a group text. The staffer, Allison Bitterman, was on the text because Janicek is also stupid. She filed a sexual harassment complaint, and the party met with Janicek and kindly asked him to get the fuck out of the race. He refused. The party withdrew its support and resources for his campaign.

From the New York Times:

In a text sent on June 4 to her and four other people — a screen shot of which her lawyer, Vince Powers, provided to The New York Times on the condition that the woman's name be withheld — Mr. Janicek said that he had discussed a work matter with her and that she had argued with him and walked away.

"Do you think the campaign should spend some I'm getting her laid," he wrote, adding, "It will probably take three guys." He then described in explicit terms what he wanted the men to do to her. "Thoughts?!"

He sent a second text apologizing for his grammar and clarifying that he had meant to say "spend some money on," not "spend some I'm" — repeating the sexual suggestion in the process. Finally, he wrote that he had been joking.

This creep thinks he should be a United States senator.

Janicek claimed he was "going on no sleep and a bunch of exuberant excitement" and tried to apologize to Bitterman, who wasn't having any of his shit.

The woman responded with a lengthy message in which she discussed their work-related disagreement and then said of Mr. Janicek's text: "As a woman who stands up and beside other women, I can't just pretend this didn't happen. I cannot support your campaign after what you said. I have integrity, morals and values but, most of all I have self respect for myself and fellow women."

Because he probably doesn't have "integrity, morals, and values," Janicek turned up at Bitterman's house after the Nebraska Democratic Party cut him loose. That's scary stalker behavior and he should be preparing for a trial, not a Senate race. Bitterman's lawyer demanded he not contact her again and urged him to drop out. The consistent theme here is that Janicek should leave politics.

Janicek publicly defamed Bitterman, claiming on social media that she was fired from Kara Eastman's House campaign and there was an alleged restraining order against her. The Eastman campaign quickly called out these smears.

From KETV NewsWatch 7:

"We categorically deny firing Allison Bitterman or filing a restraining order against her. Both are false claims, and their falseness is independently verifiable. Anyone can check court records or the state Department of Labor, and read that she left her position with the campaign."

Janicek continued insisting his gross texts were no big thing and that he'd already taken “full responsibility and accountability," as evidenced by his smearing her and refusing to drop out like all God's children wanted.

It was also revealed this summer that Janicek used to drop variations of the “n-word" at parties, because he is gross, sexist, stupid, and racist (we've kept count through this post).

"He had a history of making racial jokes and racist jokes and then saying 'I'm just kidding' if somebody got offended by it," [Janicek's friend Dave] Whitaker said. "He was pretty well known for doing things like that. A lot of times people excused his behavior because he was a cake maker, so he would always bring cakes to parties — you know, 'He's kind of a racist, but he makes really good cakes.'"

That's probably a depressingly effectively campaign slogan in Nebraska.

It's almost September and Janicek is still stinking up the Democratic ticket. He's set to debate Sasse on September 4, and unless discussion is restricted to cake-making, the senator has a clear advantage.

Next Tuesday, September 1, is the deadline for Janicek to step down voluntarily so Democrats can replace him on the ballot with another candidate, preferably Alisha Shelton, who ran in the primary. Shelton can't run as a write-in candidate because she lost the primary and Nebraska has “sore loser" laws.

Monday afternoon, former House Rep. Brad Ashford announced that he'd launch a write-in campaign if Janicek doesn't withdraw from the race. Janicek welcomed Ashford's potential candidacy but still refuses to drop out because he's a complete disgrace.

[The New York Times / KETV]

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