Chris Matthews Spends An Eternity Badgering Roland Burris On 'Hardball'


A wise man once said, "Do not watch television. It will only make you sad and empty." And here is proof: 20 agonizing minutes of Chris Matthews shouting at Roland Burris, who tries to explain why that stuff he said on that FBI wiretap doesn't prove that he was involved in any tomfoolery with Rod Blagojevich to snag his Senate appointment. It just kind of goes on and on in that fashion and just when you think it will end Matthews says, "OK Senator I like you, I think you're a good guy, I'm going to give you one more chance to explain yourself" and that's when you know you're in for another eternity of torture. Why couldn't Roland Burris have gotten involved in something fun and interesting, like a hooker scandal? [MSNBC]


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