Chris Wallace Won't Listen To The Voices In Tucker Carlson's Head Telling Him Obama's Racist


Tucker Carlson is a man who does not like racism, nosiree. That is why, when the president, a known black man, spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus about the threats to defund or repeal Obamacare, and said "we've overcome far darker threats than those," Tucker Carlson knew down to the very marrow of his unracist tippytoes that this kind of racism must not stand.

Wait, how is that racist? you are asking, because unlike Tucker Carlson, you lack the voices in your head explaining that "words" to "black people" spoken by a "black man" are automagically racist. Like, he could say, "thank you for the sandwiches," and Tucker Carlson's voices would know that that was racist, and he does not need to explain why! (Also racist: speaking any words to black people at all.)

So. This is a fun video, even though it has Tucker Carlson in it! Like, Chris Wallace cannot even believe Tucker Carlson's demand that he recognize B. Barry Bamz's obvious racism that nobody else can hear or smell or see or feel. He is probably actually wondering whether Tucker Carlson is actually mentally ill at this point, and he makes a pretty great face!

Sometimes Chris Wallace is okay! Then he goes back to being Chris Wallace.

[Youtube, via Mediaite]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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