Pat Robertson's endorsement of 9udy 11iuliani yesterday (above) was all the more surprising given the nature of its timing. As the two were on stage yesterday celebrating their unbeatable combination of Jesus and racism, Sam Brownback -- the social conservative's senator of choice -- was announcing his endorsement of John McCain. So one social conservative endorses the abortionist, another endorses the Mexican-lover... Does anyone else smell a CONSPIRACY>?#@

The obvious loser Tuesday was Mitt Romney, who's been dipping into his magic pajama fund in order to win the social conservatives' backing. Romney, according to South Carolina's the State newspaper, however, is trying to play it cool while the rest of the twelve apostles weigh their endorsements (via The Caucus):

"I'm really pleased with the support I've gotten. I can't get the support of everybody," Romney said. "I can't get all the social conservative to endorse my candidacy ... I expect I'll continue to get good support and so will the other guys."

Romney handled the Robertson endorsement more maturely than Walnuts, who essentially admitted that Brownback's backing wasn't worth a con sarn acorn. When notified that Giuliani had received the Robertson endorsement, McCain responded, "Every once in a while, I'm left speechless. This is one of those times." Like in Vietnam, when they were beating me! And I was suffering! And I wasn't at Woodstock! Mexicans aside, look at how conservative and young I am!

One theory: Robertson does want Giuliani to lose, but the LA Times is probably sitting on a Robertson gay sex scandal -- what with the LA Times always sitting on things -- and so when that's revealed, the wrath of Jesus will hit Giuliani by proxy.

Robertson's Support of Giuliani Underscores Evangelical Divide [WSJ]


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