Christine O'Donnell Attacks Her Own Witch Commercial, Which Was the Only Good Thing She Ever Did


Some newsroom intern in Delaware lost a bet and had to skim Christine O'Donnell's latest attempt to cash in on her three failed Senate campaigns -- "her 358-page book." Worst assignment ever! Other than a few hundred pages of generic Tea Party filler, O'Donnell is mostly sad about her own hilarious "I'm not a witch" ad, which she very unconvincingly claims she somehow didn't approve, even though she's in the ad, reading the dumb lines, and also she's copied on all her campaign staff emails approving the commercial.

"I'm not a witch," O'Donnell said dressed in black with white pearls in an eerie political television ad that came to define her failed campaign against Democrat Chris Coons.

Haha, "eerie political television ad." First time for everything, we guess! Also, the Wilmington News Journal immediately disproves her claims about not approving the ad -- a nefarious "Hollywood-based television producer" secretly made the ad, using witchcraft, according to Xtine's book -- by getting the emails from her own campaign managers.

O'Donnell's version of events that transpired last fall are already being disputed by Republican consultants who dealt with the campaign and contradicted by emails her own campaign manager sent to [ad producer Fred] Davis and his staff.

[Delaware Online]


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