Christine O'Donnell Releases Self-Parody 'I Didn't Go To Yale' Video


Christine O'Donnell caused widespread panic and nearly crashed every stock marketwhen she announced, "I'm YOU!" Everyone who heard this horrific claim immediately went to their local Walmart and bought fifty-pound sacks of rat poison and Crayola sparkle markers, so that their suicide notes would look pretty. However, after some serious fact-checking it turns out Christine is full of crap: she is not us and we are not her, hooray we almost killed ourselves! But Christine O'Donnell enjoyed scaring America so much that she decided to make another video, this time claiming, "I didn't go to Yale (Divinity School)." That's a mighty stupid way to start a political ad, but at least Christine is not bragging about having a multiple personality disorder, so maybe this video is an improvement?

[youtube expand=1]

I didn't go to Yale. I didn't inherit millions like my opponent. I'm you. I know how tough it is to make and keep a dollar. When some tried to push me from this race they saw what I was made of and so will the Senate if they try to increase our taxes one more dime. I'm Christine O'Donnell and I approved this message. I'm you.

Wait, she's STILL saying "I'm you"? Ugh, time to get out the sparkle crayons:

Dear Mom and that girlfriend I never had,

For years and years I have been living a Delaware sex witch Lie. I'm sorry.



P.S. Hopefully you can afford the piano box casket?

We'll miss you the most, Christine. [YouTube]


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