Do you remember, a few days ago, when we MADE UP A COMEDIC STORY implying thatChristine O'Donnell practices witchcraft? (It was a masturbation joke, somehow, like most mid-September jokes about Christine O'Donnell.) Well, guess what? Christine O'Donnell was actually a witch! But she didn't "join a coven," she says, in actual video from the show Politically Incorrect, which is the main source of hilarious/insane Christine O'Donnell quotes from the 1990s. Oh yeah and one time, she says she had a "little midnight picnic" of blood on a "Satanic altar," as part of a "date." This is also on the video you must now watch.

Witches don't worship Satan, which is a Christian thing, but whatever -- Delaware teen witches were probably not exactly following Wiccan orthodoxy, as they learned of "witchcraft" exclusively through softcore lesbian movies on Cinemax and Danzig records.

[Think Progress]


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