Christine O'Donnell's Website Is Sad and Hilarious

Christine O'Donnell's Website Is Sad and Hilarious

When Christine O'Donnell won her primary last week, it was very discouraging for journalists that she didn't have a website from which they could glean crazy details, just a donation form. Thankfully, they were able to find plenty of insanity elsewhere, and thus democracy was saved. Butnow there is a website, and it's pretty terrible, just like the candidate herself. Here's an official Wonkette review!

About Christine

This section is Christine's biography. But she hasn't had much of a career that corresponds with success in this "politics" thing.

These are the two "nice" things anyone has ever said anything about her. Bill Maher said her crazy makes his show entertaining, and James Carville said she was "hip," which is either sarcasm or a self-deprecating comment on just how lame James Carville is.

Oh, and she has had debates with people who are actual politicians before without dying of a stroke at all.

Here is a photo of Christine's family. Creepily, the faces of two children are blurred out. Were these children removed from the family? Are they in the Witness Protection Program?

Why Christine?

For some reason, O'Donnell's issues section is entitled "Why Christine?" even though that is a rhetorical question with the obvious answer "no." There are eleven issue positions here, and Christine really only spends a sentence on each of them, because she is a serious candidate a whole state of Republicans nominated. So yes, she has spent much more time laying out her views on and experiences with witchcraft than on all of her issue positions.

Christine Counters

"Christine Counters" is a section that reminds voters this woman is a joke, if they couldn't get that from the other sections. This section is also much more detailed than that of her issue positions, and it features a number of documents that are supposed to "prove" she has a college diploma and was not in trouble with the IRS. "My accountant is...I...I...I...I mean it's not an accountant," she says in one of the transcripts.

So please enjoy Christine O'Donnell's dumb, rather funny, boring website. If it was any more interesting, you might fap to it, and we can't have that.™ [Christine O'Donnell]


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