Christopher Hitchens Is Successfully Wrong

It is the greatest mystery of Our Time: Why is Christopher Hitchens still admired by so many even after he was bamboozled by an utterly manufactured "Islamo-Fascist" nemesis that gave Dick Cheney's paymasters an open-ended no-bid contract to invade and seize oil-producing lands unfriendly to Western energy needs?

The answer, as always, is that most journalists are sad, boring losers.

By contrast, Hitch lives a glamorous life of intellectual debate, drinking, Washington parties, drinking, picking fights with beloved characters such as Princess Diana and God and Bill Clinton, drinking, smoking cigarettes, drinking, visiting war zones, drinking, drunkenly kissing men, drinking, and writing best-selling books while drinking.

So, we all still love Hitchens because he somehow got rich doing this shit and hasn't become incoherent like Hunter Thompson, even though he inexplicably loves George W. Bush. Well played, sir!

Man v God [Times Online]


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