Chuck Grassley Celebrates Steel By Showing Off His Erection Grime


Wow, there is a lot here. So it is "Steel Day" today in Iowa, according to Chuck Grassley, though there are no results for such an "event" on Google. If we are to believe Grassley, all Iowans know the best way to celebrate your pride in this important hard metal is to whip out your boner in public. But Chuck Grassley's annual steel boner is particularly special, because it has over 77 years' worth of grime built up on it. Yes, you are permitted to vomit about this, but only in a steel bucket. A receptacle of any other alloy is disrespectful to Steel Day.

But did Chuck Grassley eat anything at this dick grime event? No, he did not. That would have ruined the sanctity of his marriage. And, more importantly, the sancitity of Twitter, which requires Grassely to do a separate tweet about what he has for lunch each day. [Twitter]


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