Chuck Grassley Has No Clue Where He Is Or What He Is Doing


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Alright: we had some respect for Chuck Grassley throughout much of this health care process, since he was, for some indeterminate period of time, operating in good faith, trying to work out a bipartisan deal with the new super-majority party that seemed destined to finally pass its greatest legislative accomplishment in generations.

The rest of his party stood to the side, playing with their peters, preparing to kill anything.

But Chuck Grassley does not have much more to offer. He has retarded (ha ha) negotiations for months because he fundamentally disagrees with the concepts of universal health insurance and public competition on a meaningful scale. Now he's just shouting phlegmy, bitter nonsense at the dirty hippies on television every day, and pledging to vote against his own bill.

OBAMA. DEMOCRATS. Slip an Ambien in his applesauce, take away his "negotiating pen," and leave his body in a Madison County cornfield. He can squawk at crows and rabbits for a few months while you legislate the dickens out of that final health care bill.

A sane man does not offer the public this heady a gaze into the ether:

Grassley Says "Death Panel Controversy" Is Liberal Diversion, Then Doubles Down On Death Panel Controversy [TPM]


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