Chuck Hagel to Open Small Chain of Shoe Stores With Ned Lamont

41907sqbruning.jpgDavid Brooks was right: Red and blue America are different. In blue America, if you buck your party on the Iraq War, you get challenged by a nondescript-looking anti-war liberal. In red America, the gauntlet gets tossed down by a guy who looks like a cross between Sam Brownback and that doctor in the Spider-Man movies who eventually turns into the the Lizard.

Attorney General Jon Bruning has changed his mind. He now is considering challenging fellow Republican Chuck Hagel in Nebraska's U.S. Senate primary next year.


Hagel helped Senate Democrats approve a $123 billion spending bill that includes a call for U.S. troops to begin withdrawing this year, with a goal of ending combat operations by March 31, 2008.

Bruning was highly critical of that vote.

"It's extremely counterproductive. I'm very concerned about the morale of our troops and the potential comfort given to the enemy, who knows now that they can wait us out," Bruning said.

He said he also is upset with Hagel's comments about Bush and impeachment.

Just as the primary campaign victory of Ned Lamont destroyed the Democrats, expect Hagel's defeat to drive the GOP into a death spiral and eventual replacement by the Unity08 Party.

Bruning may yet take on Hagel in '08 [Omaha-World Herald]

Lamont's victory will hurt Democrats in the long run [Townhall]

- David Weigel


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