Chuck Norris: Liberal Propaganda In Schools Causing Kids To Not Hate Gays


Why should liberals want to change the public educational system when it is turning out the product they have been striving for years to produce?

Check out these real news headlines from the past several weeks and months about the state of U.S. public education across the country:

"U.S. teachers tell U.N. sex is a 'spectrum' – advocate mandatory classes to free students from 'religion'"

"Principal orders Ten Commandments yanked from school lockers"

"Teens ask for more sex ed, greater condom availability"

"State university defines Christians as 'oppressors'"

"Why Catholic schools score better than public schools"

"Teachers take charge to save ailing public schools"

"Schools' mandatory Arabic classes create firestorm"

"District taking money, but censoring Christians?"

"No opting out of pro-gay school propaganda"

"District pays up for slamming student's rosary"

"Judge cites homeschoolers for violating U.N. mandate – Police interrogate parents, confiscate their curriculum"

"Some say schools giving Muslims special treatment"

Yes, those definitely look like real news headlines. Very objective. Very real, just like Chuck Norris is a real education expert. We always knew there was some reason our young people are having trouble learning what kind of people they are supposed to hate. It turns out our nation's schools aren't teaching them! There should be a section on standardized tests that quizzes children on why people who are different than you are evil. [WND]


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