Chuck Schumer Will Kill The Fake Auto Warranty Charlatans

  • President Obama must be scaring the shit out of the health-care industry because key players wrote him a letter promising to, let's see, not trim health care costs, but trim the rise in health care costs. Victory!(?) [Washington Post]
  • That American gal in Iran, Roxana Saberi, will not have to go to jail for eight years or indeed any years at all. Following an appeal she received a suspended two year sentence and will be released today. [BBC News]
  • More than 350,000 Pakistanis have fled the Swat Valley since violence between the Taliban and the government started brewing a week ago. [BBC News]
  • Those terrible robodialers who call you constantly about your "expiring car warranty" may finally be put to death by Chuck Schumer, who does not appreciate being called in the middle of Senate committee meetings. [New York Times]
  • Even if the economy bounces back quickly from its sudden and deep recession, things will still suck in the long term. This is called "the Zarnowitz Rule," and is also the title of a novel by John Irving. Bloomberg]
  • Three banks that fared well during the government-administered stress tests are planning to repay their TARP money, so that they can get back to paying their executives billions of dollars a year to manage them poorly. [Reuters]

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