Well, who knew. We thought that spies spent all their time smuggling secret messages in their butts and wearing goofy disguises, but it appears they also devote many hours of their workday to supporting their mistresses and date-raping Algerians.

One particular guy, Andrew Warren, stands accused of taking new recruits to strip clubs, as well as drugging and sexually assaulting two Algerian women. And also this:

While looking into the allegations, U.S. officials discovered in Warren's apartment more than two dozen video recordings that he apparently made of his sexual encounters, according to news accounts and two U.S. officials familiar with the investigation. One of the women behind the rape allegations appears in one of the videos, the officials said.

Apparently Warren's colleagues knew for years that he liked to go to strip clubs "and other sex-related establishments for recruiting." But they figured meh, he did good work! It cost the agency buckets of money but nobody seemed to care.

Additionally, this Dusty Foggo character, who went to prison for three years because of his connections to that whole Duke Cunningham mess, also bullied the CIA into giving his mistress a job.

The CIA is basically like any other bureaucracy, is the point.

Latest CIA Scandal Puts Focus on How Agency Polices Self [Washington Post]


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