Cindy McCain Has Secret Angry Half-Sister


Kathleen Portalksi is noCooter Obama, but she'll do! This lady is 11 years older than her more famous half-sister, Cindy McCain. And when their father (Jim Hensley) died, he left just $10,000 to Kathleen and bequeathed his entire massive beer fortune to Cindy. That is pretty fucking harsh.

And now Cindy is only making things worse by telling people she was "an only child," which is technically true, if you don't count the kids her parents had with other people before they were married.

Oh and also Cindy and Kathleen are virtually neighbors, in that Kathleen and her impoverished retired husband live in a "modest home" in Phoenix, while Cindy and her massively wealthy Ferragamo-loving husband live in a dozen-ish baronial estates including one in Phoenix.

Cindy McCain's half-sister: 'I'm angry' [The Swamp]

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